Six Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Development

When your baby is born, his/her brain contains 100 billion of neurons which get multiplied with the everyday growth. Although an infant brain is much vulnerable compared to adult person brain, it is more pliable. This is why most of the doctor’s advice the new parents to give the baby a healthy environment to grow, give his/her brain help form connection and a pathways to get wired and learn language, skills, reasoning power and planning.

If you want your baby to have a healthy start, it’s very important to adapt certain lifestyle when you are pregnant. The mother needs to adapt a healthy lifestyle, positive attitude, avoid alcohol and smoking. Even person who are near to pregnant lady shouldn’t smoke as it actually cause stress to the baby in the womb.

Six Ways to Boost Your Baby's Development

Once the baby is born in healthy way, you can help the baby’s brain grow with few simple thing on every day basis. You don’t need fancy things or give special attention to your baby. A child’s brain are susceptive to adapt things their parents does in front to them. So, make sure both the parents adapt these practice to boost baby’s growth in best possible way.

  1. Providing a Healthy Sleep Using White Noise: This is the most important thing in your baby’s health development. Researches have shown that infants should have a sleep of 20-22 hours a day. But, due to noisy environments surround them, your babies cannot get long naps and thus affecting their health in a negative way. A Best White Noise Machine is the perfect solution for this problem. The white noise machine plays a soothing sound continuously and creates a peaceful environment. It helps your babies to get enough and healthy sleep and boosts their overall development.
  1. Having Meaningful Conversation: Sometimes, parents ignore the infant’s voice or don’t respond to them vocally. The best way to develop your child’s brain is by starting a conversation with them. Every time they react, try to talk to them in clear syllables like “Hello” or “Pretty Baby”. The more words you use in their upbringing, the faster they will adapt the language and try to revert back to you.
  2. Become Observant: Child doesn’t use words to express their feelings but they do give a very clear sign language when they are happy or in distress. Observe your child actions and try to understand what they are trying to convey. You can show them things or point on direction to ask them. This will help the child to develop conversation skill at a very small age.
  3. Pick Toys Carefully: Your child development depends a lot on the toys he/she plays with. Get your child colorful and interesting games that require their reasoning skills. They best way to make your child learn new things is to play with them so they can get correct guidance on doing things in a logical way. Make sure you pick the toy as per child age and interest to help them enjoy their toys.
  4. Hold and Touch: Studies shows that babies who are touched or hold by their parents tend to grow happier and healthier. Every time you feel your child is in distress, touch their head, back or tummy to give them comfort. This should also be adapted when your baby is happy or trying to do something new. It is the best way you to express the support for baby and give them confidence for trying out something new.
  5. Set up a Safe Zone: Every toddler loves to crawl in newly found space, touch new things and go areas that interest them. It’s not always safe to let you child wander as they might touch thing that can harm them physically. Instead of shouting at them, create a parameter where you baby can crawl and play without getting hurt. If you are working, create a small space with barriers filled with interesting toys so your child can play without feeling confiscated.

Every parents should express their feeling to their child. Let your body language be your voice, expression in your eyes to describe your feelings and touch to give comfort to the baby. A small amount of attention on the way your child express can tell a lot about your baby. With the above points, you can contribute a lot in your baby’s development.


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