How to Become a Master with the Best Animation Exercises?

How to Become a Master with the Best Animation Exercises- (1)

How to Become a Master with the Best Animation Exercises?

It’s not easy for the beginners in animation field to create stunning pieces straight away. For this, they need to learn a lot of things, to use best available resources like 2D animation software for a quick fix, and to practice a lot to become a mediator or a pro. Practice makes perfect is applicable in every field, but there are some methods or exercises which can help you to become a master of it. Check this post to know how to become a master with the best animation exercises?

Some of the exercises you may have done or heard before and some not. It is our advice to do them all and have a great practice.

1)    Bouncing the ball across the screen

2)    Bouncing the ball in a place without rotations

3)    Simple head turn off an animation character

4)    Blinking the eyes of a character

5)    Thinking emotions of a character

6)    Jumping off a flour sack

7)    Kicking the ball by a flour sack

8)    Falling off a flour sack

These all are the simple or say level-1 exercises. If you have done enough practice on it, then let’s check some level -2 exercises.

1)    Emotion change of a character

2)    Jumping off a character between blocks

3)    Character using a pogo stick

4)    Character standing from a stool and moving

5)    Picking up an object from the overhead shelf

6)    Character having a deep breath

7)    An object like brick, book, or ball hitting to a character

8)    Running the cycle by a character

If you have gained the mediator level, then do these below pro level exercises.

1)    Playing field games by two characters

2)    A baby brushing his teeth

3)    Opening a closet and picking up clothes from it

4)    A small object is picked up by a hand and then placed on a table

5)    Sealing an envelope with the help of a glue-stick

6)    Zigzag run on a screen

7)    Opening a surprise gift and give reactions

8)    A paper dropping from a balcony

Read to this far? Ok, you have all done, right? You become a master of 2D animation, right? No, absolutely not at all. It is like reading about how to do push-ups and expecting a result. It will not do. You need to complete all the exercises repeatedly to become a master of animation. Just keep it simple, do your best, and love whatever you do. Then it will be not hard to achieve anything.

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