Best Location for Wireless Router – Upstairs or Downstairs? Router Tips!

Best Location for Wireless Router

Best Location for Wireless Router – Upstairs or Downstairs? Router Tips!

So, you bought the best wireless router based on your requirements and budget. Is your work done? Can you just put it anywhere and expect super-fast Internet? Nope. In fact, the main part is yet to begin!

Best Location for Wireless Router

Buying a good router is only half the battle. Placing it in the house is step number two and equally important. Many people mindlessly place their routers near their devices or anywhere they find the place and then end up complaining about its functionality. Things get worse when you have a big house with 2 or 3 floors. The router is somewhere, and the devices are somewhere else. This is why the big question arises – which is the best location for a wireless router?

Upstairs or Downstairs?Best Location for Wireless Router

For the best wireless connection, you must ensure that the router is centrally located. It must be right in the middle of the house so that all parts of the house receive the signal. If you have 2 floors, the router can be on the first floor’s ceiling or on the second floor’s floor. If you have 3 floors, you must place the router in the middle of the second floor. 

Wait. You are not done yet. Along with the placement, there are other factors that you must keep in mind. We have discussed them here: 

  • No appliances anywhere near it: Appliances tend to hinder the signal. They cause a lot of interference. This is why you should never place the router near telephones, television sets, microwave oven, and other such gadgets.
  • Don’t let it travel through walls: Walls are solid obstacles. The more the walls, the weaker the signal. Try ensuring no walls are in the way, thus.
  • No hiding: You may think that the router is an eyesore. You may feel the need to hide it behind something so that it is out of sight. While we understand your concern, we must discourage you because hiding it will weaken the signal.
  • Don’t keep it at an angle: You must try your best to make sure that the signal travels in a straight line and not in weird angles.
  • Set the antenna straight: Depending on how your router is placed and how you want the signal to travel, you must set the antenna either horizontally or vertically. 

How to Move Router to Another RoomHow to move router to another room

Now that you know which the right location for your router is, you should start making changes. If it is a new router, you can directly install it in the central location. If your router is already installed, you will have to disconnect it and then take it to the right place. We are warning you that this can be a tedious process because of the wires. 

You will have switch everything off, take the wires apart, and travel to the right location. If the wires are within the wall, it would be safer to call a professional to help you out. 

If you have tried everything and yet, the signal is not good enough, you should invest in a booster. No matter how good a router may be, it cannot cover a very large house. Signal boosters really help in such cases. 

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