Best PCIe riser cable – Boost your GPU performance instantly

Best PCIe riser cable

Best PCIe riser cable – Boost your GPU performance instantly

PCIe riser cables are a godsend! We will tell you why.They allow you to connect your graphics card to your mainboard vertically and improve its aesthetics. The cables will show clearly, and the performance of your GPU will also improve.Many people are under the impression that the riser cable may reduce GPU performance instead of improving it. That’s a myth. A few PCIe riser cables work without power, but a few others will need it. Depending on the type you have, you can use the power cable to get started. In either case, the performance will stay on top.

Now that the air has cleared let’s look at the best PCI3 riser cables available on the market today. There are quite a few, so at the end of the list, you are going to feel spoilt for choice.

Best PCIe riser cable

1. LINKUP PCIe 3.0 Riser CableLINKUP PCIe 3.0 Riser Cable

Available in various types such as premium straight, premium right angle, universal right angle, and extreme PCIe right angle, the LINKUP PCIe Riser Cable is universally popular. This particular one has a straight socket measuring 20 cm. Let’s see what its features are:

  1. It offers more than 32 GB/s through its twin-axial wires.
  2. It also has dedicated power lines that eliminate any signal loss.
  3. The cable riser has a flexible selection design to let you adjust the orientation and increase airflow.
  4. The contact points are gold-plated and hand-soldered so that you can enjoy the highest quality.
  5. It has separate laneway shielding that doesn’t allow any interference between channels.
  6. You can choose from various lengths, depending on your requirements.
  7. The lanes have thick PVC insulation, and each laneway has a durable sectional sleeve.
  8. It is compatible with a wide range of motherboards and GPU components, but we urge you to check compatibility with your GPU before the purchase.


2. Thermaltake Premium PCIe Riser CableThermaltake Premium PCIe Riser Cable

The Thermaltake Premium PCIe Riser Cable has many takers! This is because it is very durable and reliable. However, it is slightly on the expensive side. So, if you are looking for more affordable options, you can skip this. Having said that, you should know that it is worth its price tag. Please keep reading for more information:

  1. It is a superior, high-speed cable that offers around 8 Gbps graphic data transmission.
  2. It has a ribbon, flat cable format that is designed to save space. The design also lets you fold it and has quite a flexible bend radius.
  3. You don’t have to worry about performance degradation and disturbance with this cable riser. It takes care of these troubles and delivers optimal performance.
  4. It has an exclusive cable protector that enhances durability and protects the cable from external damage. The design also removes the chances of signal loss.
  5. The PCIe riser cable comes with a warranty of 1 year.

You can choose from various lengths starting from 200mm and going all the way to 1000mm.


3. ASIAHORSE PCIe Flexible Riser CableASIAHORSE PCIe Flexible Riser Cable

The ASIAHORSE riser cable for PCIe is easily affordable and reliable. Many people are under the impression that if something is cheap, it may not be of great quality. ASIAHORSE proves them wrong. Here are features that will prove our point:

  1. Its EMI-shielded design reduces interference to the bare minimum.
  2. It is versatile in that it is compatible with a wide variety of motherboards and GPUs.
  3. The board also comes with a high-speed cable.
  4. The solder points are of the highest quality, and the contacts are gold-plated. These together promise longevity and excellent conductivity.
  5. The riser cable comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. So, you can place your order without worrying.


4. Funtin PCIe Riser Cable

Lesozoh New PCIe Riser Cable

Whether you want a 15cm cable or a 60cmm cable or anything in between, Funtin has them all! These riser cables have been designed to give you optimal speed on a vertical mount without any interference.

Please keep reading to explore its features:

  1. It supports almost all GPUs released after 2015.
  2. It is an angled and extended riser cable. The 90-degree flexibility ensures that it doesn’t feel a lot of strain while handling. You can install it in different kinds of cases as well.
  3. The riser cable has an electromagnetic interference shielding to maximize performance. The shield is made of a PE insulation layer and a TPE plastic sleeve.
  4. The core is capable of delivering full speed with great stability.
  5. The riser cable’s six-wire banded construction makes it flexible and allows usage even through tight spaces. This easily supersedes 5-wire and 4-wire riser cables.
  6. The brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. This offer minimizes the risk factor.


5. Lesozoh New PCIe Riser CableLesozoh New PCIe Riser Cable

This is a 16x riser cable that is known for its flexibility. It runs steadily and continuously without giving you any problems on the performance front. Below are a few more reasons why you should buy this riser cable:

  1. It is available in various sizes and angles, giving you the freedom to pick the one you need.
  2. If you have a standard GPU, rest assured that the Lesozoh PCIe Riser Card will be compatible with it. If you have any doubts, you can check the compatibility before you buy it.
  3. The gold-plated contact points and the solder points ensure that you use the riser cable without issues for a long time.
  4. You can enjoy around 8 Gbps graphic data transmission with this one.
  5. Its PCB board has 4 layers and high-impedance. This, together with the EMI design, promise top-notch connectivity.


Since the market has a great number of options, and each option has a few USPs, comparing them is crucial. You won’t be able to find the right one if you have do not check out the best ones. We hope this article helped you in your quest, though! Please feel free to contact us or to comment if you have any questions or queries.

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