Can you Use Wi-Fi on a Deactivated Phone

Can you Use Wifi on a Deactivated Phone – wifi only Phones for You

This article applies to both scenarios because we are going to speak about turning your deactivated phone or an old phone into a Wi-Fi device. Many times, people worry that if their SIM card is blocked or if there’s no SIM card at all, the phone may not work. That’s thankfully not the case. Wi-Fi and cellular network almost run independently of each other. So, you can actually use your old Android phone without a SIM card. Today, we will talk about the process of enabling this. (more…)

Best PCIe WiFi card

Best PCIe WiFi Card – Connect with your Wi-Fi Network Easily

We live in super advanced times, and connecting to the Wi-Fi shouldn’t be a big deal at all, let alone a hassle! While Ethernet is a viable option, especially for gaming, you may not have the freedom to sit wherever you want or move around freely while using the Internet. This is why PCIe Wi-Fi cards are particularly famous. They provide super-fast connectivity and guarantee convenience.


Best PS4 USB Hub

Best USB Hub for PS4 – Top Rated Gaming USB Hub of 2019

If you have a PlayStation gaming console, then you know that the charging cables, hard drives, headsets, gaming controllers, and other devices fighting for life on it. You may be using a lot of different USB attachments to enjoy gaming at full. But, the USB ports on PS are not enough to connect all components at once. For that, you need a good-quality USB hub. Today, we will have a look at the best USB hubs for PS4. (more…)