Arris TG1682G Review

Arris TG1682G Review – Specifications, Speed, and Much More

It is essential to choose the right modem for your place. There are many factors that one has to consider while selecting the one. While going through some options that are available online, Arris TG1682G is apparently one of the top-sellers. This Internet modem is not any regular modem as it is designed to use for the stable ethernet connections for offices, home, LAN, etc. The modem is ideal for people looking for a WiFi router and telephony. However, this modem router is not suitable for Comcast. Along with its features, the affordable price point of the modem is also its USP. (more…)

Can you Use Wi-Fi on a Deactivated Phone

Can you Use Wifi on a Deactivated Phone – wifi only Phones for You

This article applies to both scenarios because we are going to speak about turning your deactivated phone or an old phone into a Wi-Fi device. Many times, people worry that if their SIM card is blocked or if there’s no SIM card at all, the phone may not work. That’s thankfully not the case. Wi-Fi and cellular network almost run independently of each other. So, you can actually use your old Android phone without a SIM card. Today, we will talk about the process of enabling this. (more…)

Best PCIe WiFi card

Best PCIe WiFi Card – Connect with your Wi-Fi Network Easily

We live in super advanced times, and connecting to the Wi-Fi shouldn’t be a big deal at all, let alone a hassle! While Ethernet is a viable option, especially for gaming, you may not have the freedom to sit wherever you want or move around freely while using the Internet. This is why PCIe Wi-Fi cards are particularly famous. They provide super-fast connectivity and guarantee convenience.