How to use USB Ethernet adapter

How to Use USB Ethernet Adapter: Install It Now On Mac/Windows 10

So you bought a new generic USB to Ethernet adapter but are unable to figure out how to use it? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve heard many users complain that they are clueless about the setup process. Back in the day CDs used to help us download the required drivers and everything would work smoothly. Now, however, you have to take a few steps. (more…)

Xbox One WiFi Adapter for Windows 10

Xbox One WiFi Adapter Windows 10 | Reviews of 2019

The modern versions of the Xbox One gaming consoles come with the built-in WiFi capability which lets you connect to the internet without the hassle of the Ethernet cords. This functionality led the brands to make some specially designed wireless adapters for Xbox One devices, especially running on Windows 10. If you recently bought such gaming console and looking for a perfect WiFi dongle adapter for it, then check the top reviews here. See the details below and get your product which is worth the money for you. (more…)

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 Reviews

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 Review – Is V2 Worthy?

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All of us have watched YouTube videos on our PC, laptop, or smartphone, right? We also copy our favorite images and videos from our smartphone or tablet to the computer or TV for enjoying them on a bigger screen. Most of you may have heard about the WiDi technology or WiFi display adapter dongle. Such device helps to mirror the content of the smaller screen on a bigger TV or computer. (more…)

Best Wireless Display Adapter

Best Wireless Display Adapter – Top Miracast Devices of 2019

There are many reasons to own a miracast device. Whether you want to look at the vacation pictures, you took on your phone on a big screen with your family, or whether you just want to put on something in Netflix and laze around, a miracast device can help you. A miracast device is the perfect solution for those who think wires stringing around a room is very undesirable, and instead like mess-free homes. (more…)

How to open a .jar file on Windows 10 system

How to Open a .jar File on Windows 10 System

Filename extension .jar is developed by Netscape, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle Corporation. The types of format include file archive and data compression. And it is extended from ZIP. It is a package file format which used to aggregate many Java class files.This file extension is also called metadata and resources into one file for distribution. But, many users get an error while opening such files in their Windows systems, if you also face the same, then check this article on how to open jar files on Windows 10! (more…)

Windows 10- How to Fix Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point (1)

Windows 10: How to Fix Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

PCs which are having Windows 10 can cause wireless adapter problems. Problems related to those adapters or access point, which haven’t configured the way it supposed to be configured. One of the major and highly common problems is the error message on the screen showing ‘problem with wireless adapter or access point.’ Here in my article, I am going to show you how you can fix such problems regarding wireless adapter! (more…)

What to do if system restoring your previous version of windows (1)

What to Do if System Restoring Your Previous Version of Windows

If anyone buys a new laptop/PC or any other computer system, it contains Windows 10 and if the system is old, then also the system continuously asks for the upgradation of the same. Most of the people were preferring Windows 7 for their computers in the past, but nowadays all the new computers come up with Windows 10. Many times when people upgrading their PCs, an error message prompts on the screen that, “Restoring your previous version of windows” and the screen goes blank. Even after attempting to recover installation, many people are not able to restore the previous version of Windows as their computers stuck on the starting of Windows 10. Here, we will explain the reasons and what to do if system restoring your previous version of Windows. (more…)

How to Become a Master with the Best Animation Exercises- (1)

How to Become a Master with the Best Animation Exercises?

It’s not easy for the beginners in animation field to create stunning pieces straight away. For this, they need to learn a lot of things, to use best available resources like 2D animation software for a quick fix, and to practice a lot to become a mediator or a pro. Practice makes perfect is applicable in every field, but there are some methods or exercises which can help you to become a master of it. Check this post to know how to become a master with the best animation exercises? (more…)