What to do if google showing server DNS address could not be found! (1) (1)

What to Do if Google Showing Server DNS Address Could not be Found

This is the technology news blog in which we have posted different articles about windows or technology issues. Today, always we are back to resolve the problem of server DNS address could not be found. Yes, this is a common issue we found among people, and today we decided to help you to stick out from this issue. Below in this article, we are going to mention basic steps which help you to resolve the issue of’s server DNS address could not be found. (more…)

How to install a spray-in bed liner on your truck

How to Install a Spray-in Bed Liner on Your Truck

Always I was wondered that why the pickup trucks have painted beds until I knew the reasons behind it. The truck bed, especially of the brand new trucks, got slippery like hell when wet and got scratches immediately if you haul anything on it. Some old trucks use wood which can be rotated after few years and you can also buy some cheap plastic bed liner which comes as drop-in. But they may rub-off the paint and cannot avoid the trapping of a moisture underneath. All these results into rust on the truck bed. The perfect option is to get a best DIY bed liner for your truck. A truck DIY bed liner comes as either spray-in or roll-on. Today, we will see how to install a spray-in bed liner on your truck. (more…)

Best Laptop Temperature Monitor Apps (1)

Best Laptop Temperature Monitor Apps – GPU overheating guidelines

Laptop temperature monitor and closing down because of high temperature is an across the board issue. On the off chance that you are utilizing your portable PC as a gaming tablet or as an elite desktop substitution, then your CPU and GPU will push a great deal bringing about overheating if legitimate cooling is not occurring. Overheating can bring about perpetual harm to your tablet including hard circle disappointments.

On the off chance that your laptop is getting to be distinctly hot while playing amusements or while doing CPU concentrated undertakings, for example, video transformation then it is the ideal opportunity for you to keep a tab on the temperature of your CPU and GPU overheating. With the accompanying applications, you can without much of a stretch screen your CPU and GPU temperature monitor windows 10. (more…)


Review of BenQ XL2411Z Gaming Monitor

From the past few weeks, I was looking for the top lining of the gaming monitors, and it leads me to write this BenQ xl2411z review. The BenQ XL2411Z 24inch gaming monitor has a low response time, higher refresh rate, and superb quality of hardware. I have checked all these things and then compiled this detailed review of this top-quality gaming monitor which will dominate the game you play.

review-of-benq-xl2411z-gaming-monitor (more…)


How Whiteboard Animation Helps to Build Brand Awareness?

Today, businesses all over the world are gaining the power of brand awareness using whiteboard animation and videos. If you do not have started using whiteboard animation for branding your business, or still are confused how it can help to boost the business and relationships, then check this points which will clearly describe you how whiteboard animation helps you to build brand awareness. (more…)

TP-LINK WiFi Adapter

Review of TP-LINK Archer T4U AC1200 USB Wireless Adapter

The TP-LINK Archer T4U is a dual band USB wireless adapter which provides a maximum speed of up to 300Mbps with 2.4GHz band or 867Mbps with 5GHz band. If you are a serious gamer who wants an enhanced online gaming experience with a solid and continuous network, then Archer T4U is the adapter you need. It comes with a USB extension cable and an omnidirectional antenna which help to optimize the signal strength. (more…)


Review of GeChic On-Lap 2501c Portable LCD Monitor

Do you ever felt you may need a second monitor to improve the productivity, but worrying about its workability and not sure if it’s worth your money? A research done by The University of Utah and Microsoft show that if you add a second screen to your PC, it will increase your productivity as much as 50%. It will help to do simple tasks like adding spreadsheets, editing texts, retouching videos or images easily and with a better speed. A USB portable monitor along with your desktop or laptop boosts the productivity with the user satisfaction. Check this below review of GeChic On-Lap 2501c Portable LCD Monitor, which can become the best option for getting a second screen for your PC.

Review of GeChic On-Lap 2501c



Benefits of Using a USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Benefits of Using a USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Today, most of the people who use a computer or a laptop access the internet on a constant basis. So the computer or laptop must be connected to the internet at all the time. An Ethernet cable is preferable for the desktop computers, the Wi-Fi or says a wireless connection is in hot demand for the portable computers and laptops. Here, we will discuss the Wi-Fi network, which option you can use for your computer to connect it to the internet and how a USB Wi-Fi adapter helps you to have a wireless internet connection on your computer.

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