Does PS4 Have WiFi? – Clear Your Doubts Related to PS4 Network

Does PS4 Have WiFi?

Does PS4 Have WiFi? – Clear Your Doubts Related to PS4 Network

The short answer is ‘Yes, the PS4 console does have built-in WiFi.’ If you want to find out only this, then you got the answer and if you want to know more about the upgraded wireless capabilities of the PlayStation 4, then read on.

Just like the every other PlayStation console, PS4 also comes with an integrated wireless antenna. It provides convenience while playing online games or surfing the web using the PS4. I didn’t face any complicated trouble with the WiFi on PS4, but as many people are suggesting to use a wired connection on PS4. So, I am giving a little more info on it.

Setting up an Internet connection on PS4

There are two ways of using an Internet on your PlayStation 4 console, the first is using a WiFi and the second is using a LAN connection.

1) Connecting PS4 with a WiFi

  • Start the PS4 console
  • On the home screen, open the settings
  • Go to ‘network’ and choose ‘set up Internet connection.’
  • From the options, select ‘Wi-Fi.’
  • In the next screen, choose the type of connection you want to set; easy or custom

If you choose the easy settings, then your PS4 will automatically detect the nearby wireless network and connect with one that you select. If you select the custom settings, then you will need to manually enter the details like IP address, DHCP hostname, MTU, DNS, and Proxy. I recommend choosing the ‘easy’ option if you are not very much aware of this custom parameters.

If the wireless network that you have selected has a padlock type icon next to it, then you may need to enter the security code that can be found on the back of the router, or from your ISP, or the network administrator.

After that, you will be successfully connected to the WiFi on your PS4.

2) Connecting PS4 to a wired connection

Though this is not our main topic, I will provide details on connecting the LAN network on a PlayStation 4 console for the enthusiasts.

  • Just like the above method, go to the home screen settings on your PS4 and select network > set up Internet connection

Connecting PS4 to a wired connection

  • Now, select the ‘Use a LAN cable’ option

Now, select the ‘Use a LAN cable’ option

  • Follow the same procedure now as you did for the WiFi network connection. Select the option of either ‘easy’ or ‘custom’ settings and repeat the steps of the first method

Note: You need to sign-in your PlayStation account to access the network.

Does PS4 Have WiFi?

Yes, definitely. The WiFi connection on your PlayStation 4 will provide the convenience of watching HD videos or playing your favorite online games. But, it may have some signal loss due to obstacles like walls, ceiling, etc. if you have your router placed in other areas of your home. Some users even complained that they did not get enough speed by keeping their PS4 near to their WiFi router. Though the wired LAN network can also fluctuate at times, the WiFi is more vulnerable to such instability.

So, if you have a light usage of the connection or if you do not connect many devices on your wireless network, then you can enjoy the WiFi facility on your Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console.

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