How to Boost Neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal? – Easily Extend the Wi-Fi Range

How to Get Better Wifi Signal from Neighbor

How to Boost Neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal? – Easily Extend the Wi-Fi Range

Are you one of the blessed few who has extremely nice neighbors? Do they share their Wi-Fi with you? Or, are there quite a few open networks that you could use?

No matter where we may live, we are surrounded by Wi-Fi signals today. The Internet has become one of the most common aspects of living, and everyone seems to have it. However, if we are using our neighbor’s Wi-Fi, we may suffer from poor signals due to the difference. Are you facing this issue? Are you looking for a way to solve this? Read on, and you will know how to pick up your neighbor’s Wi-Fi better:

How to Get Better Wifi Signal from Neighbor?

Get an external adapter

A USB adapter can boost the signal significantly. These adapters don’t cost much either. Remember though, that the strength of the signal will remain the same. USB adapters only work to improve speed.

Get an extender

This is one of the most foolproof methods of getting a better Wi-Fi signal from your neighbor. You will have to do some setting up before that, though, and this may include popping into your neighbor’s home and placing the extender near the router. Each extender comes with a set of instructions that you must follow. We suggest you follow the steps to the dot.

Check your firmware

Sometimes the answer may be as simple as outdated firmware or drivers. Check each for the latest updates and download them. The improvement in Wi-Fi signal may surprise you!

Switch from 2.4 to 5 GHz

2.4 GHz is the most common frequency, which means you can expect a lot of noise and interference here. Switch to 5 GHz if it is available, and we are positive it will be, and you will enjoy better Wi-Fi signals. The frequency is not much used, and so performance is better.

Buy a wireless repeater

wireless repeater

Again, you may have to spend a little money to buy a wireless repeater, but it is totally worth the boost in the signal you will enjoy. The repeater regenerates the signal when it weakens and thus, gives you good speed even if you are far away from the router. This is another very reliable way of boosting your neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal.

Remember, all these methods to get better Wi-Fi signals from the neighbors will work only if you have their Wi-Fi password or if their network is open. We do not recommend or encourage hacking into anyone’s Wi-Fi and taking unnecessary advantage of anyone.

Do you know of any more ways to boost Wi-Fi signals? We would love to add to this list. Please Comment!

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