How to Install a Spray-in Bed Liner on Your Truck

How to install a spray-in bed liner on your truck

How to Install a Spray-in Bed Liner on Your Truck

Always I was wondered that why the pickup trucks have painted beds until I knew the reasons behind it. The truck bed, especially of the brand new trucks, got slippery like hell when wet and got scratches immediately if you haul anything on it. Some old trucks use wood which can be rotated after few years and you can also buy some cheap plastic bed liner which comes as drop-in. But they may rub-off the paint and cannot avoid the trapping of a moisture underneath. All these results into rust on the truck bed. The perfect option is to get a best DIY bed liner for your truck. A truck DIY bed liner comes as either spray-in or roll-on. Today, we will see how to install a spray-in bed liner on your truck.

  • First, you need to prepare the truck bed. You can use a car wash soap which is free of wax and other protectants to wash the bed.
  • Wait till it dries. Then use a 36 grit sandpaper to scuff the surface. Wipe the truck bed to clean all the debris and dust.
  • Mask the truck areas where you need not install the bed liner.
  • Depending on the spray-in kit you have, apply the coat of a primer or adhesion promoter on the bed.
  • As per the guideline of the manufacturer, connect the spray gun and then adjust the air pressure.
  • Then test the spray on a cardboard first to check the mix of the spray and pattern. Adjust according to your need.
  • Fill the hopper, keep the spray gun 18” away, and spray-in the truck bed in a sweeping long motions.
  • Avoid shadowing patterns by varying the spray paths.
  • Wait until the ten minutes of drying time and then apply more thin coats until you get the desired thickness
  • Remove the masking tapes, allow the bed liner to cure for a time recommended by the manufacturer company
  • Your spray-in bed liner is installed

Congrats for a nice-looking bed liner

Only few of the spray-in bed liners works perfectly as described by the manufacturer or the company salesman. So you need to pick up a best spray-in DIY truck bed liner by considering some guide lines. You can find a number of posts on the web to find tips of buying a DIY bed liner. Spray-in bed liners lasts more than a day and looks amazing.

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