What to Do if System Restoring Your Previous Version of Windows

What to do if system restoring your previous version of windows (1)

What to Do if System Restoring Your Previous Version of Windows

If anyone buys a new laptop/PC or any other computer system, it contains Windows 10 and if the system is old, then also the system continuously asks for the upgradation of the same. Most of the people were preferring Windows 7 for their computers in the past, but nowadays all the new computers come up with Windows 10. Many times when people upgrading their PCs, an error message prompts on the screen that, “Restoring your previous version of windows” and the screen goes blank. Even after attempting to recover installation, many people are not able to restore the previous version of Windows as their computers stuck on the starting of Windows 10. Here, we will explain the reasons and what to do if system restoring your previous version of Windows.

Reasons for such issues of restoration

  • If your PC is having lesser space on its hard drive, then Windows 10 is not preferable. For Windows 10, your computer must possess the space of 20 GB (64-bit version) and 16 GB (32-bit version) in your open hard drive.
  • Your computer (64-bit version) should have the 1GHz processor and the RAM of 2GB for Windows 10. And if your computer does not have such features then you might face some speed or processing issues while using Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 doesn’t give you any choices regarding updates. It downloads certain updates without asking or without giving any notifications. So sometimes that also can create some issues.

Restoring your previous version of windows

Many users are complaining that there is a never ending waiting of “Restoring your previous version of Windows…” screen when they try to restore Windows 10.

Here are two methods for restoring your windows:

Method 1 

  • Go to Start, and then to the ‘Settings.’
  • Then go to ‘Update and Security’ and select the option ‘Recovery.’

update and recovery

  • Now select ‘Reset this PC.’
  • After that, select the ‘Get Started’ button under that option to fix Windows 10 “Restoring the previous version of Windows…”


Note: During this whole process, select the option of ‘Keep my files’ so that your personal data can be safe.

Method 2 

  • Upgrade to the Windows 10 by downloading media creation tool of Windows 10.
  • Attempt to recover installation by starting your PC from the installation media of Windows 10.
  • Select the option mentioned ‘Repair your computer’ in the page of Install Windows.
  • After selecting that option, the Windows Recovery Environment will be started. You just need to click an option of ‘Troubleshoot’ in the page.


  • At last, click ‘Advance Options’ > ‘System Restore.’

system restore

Now, after following all of the above steps, you can follow the instructions appearing on the screen to fix the issues regarding Windows 10 and can Restoring the previous version of Windows successfully.

Thus, your computer will no longer stick on the screen be showing “Restoring your previous version of Windows…” and your computer will not be stuck on starting windows 10.


Restoring your previous version of Windows takes about 15-20 minutes. But it depends on your computer. And ultimately you have to wait until it’s finished!

All restoration operations take time.


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Comments (2)

  • Travis Bradfield Reply

    Hi that is for this.

    Not helpful though… my machine has gotten into this while in the start up procedure. My machine ran updates and after restarting is stuck in the loop. So can’t download a program or start backing stuff up.

    Thanks for posting a solution for your situation – just wondering how I fix mine..

    December 11, 2017 at 5:55 am
  • moddy Reply

    The biggest issue is this all assumes i can actually gain access to the homepage, which i cant. it just keeps restarting.

    December 18, 2017 at 12:29 pm

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