Can you Use Wi-Fi on a Deactivated Phone

Can you Use Wifi on a Deactivated Phone – wifi only Phones for You

This article applies to both scenarios because we are going to speak about turning your deactivated phone or an old phone into a Wi-Fi device. Many times, people worry that if their SIM card is blocked or if there’s no SIM card at all, the phone may not work. That’s thankfully not the case. Wi-Fi and cellular network almost run independently of each other. So, you can actually use your old Android phone without a SIM card. Today, we will talk about the process of enabling this. (more…)

Best PS4 USB Hub

Best USB Hub for PS4 – Top Rated Gaming USB Hub of 2019

If you have a PlayStation gaming console, then you know that the charging cables, hard drives, headsets, gaming controllers, and other devices fighting for life on it. You may be using a lot of different USB attachments to enjoy gaming at full. But, the USB ports on PS are not enough to connect all components at once. For that, you need a good-quality USB hub. Today, we will have a look at the best USB hubs for PS4. (more…)

How to Get Better Wifi Signal from Neighbor

How to Boost Neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal? – Easily Extend the Wi-Fi Range

Are you one of the blessed few who has extremely nice neighbors? Do they share their Wi-Fi with you? Or, are there quite a few open networks that you could use?

No matter where we may live, we are surrounded by Wi-Fi signals today. The Internet has become one of the most common aspects of living, and everyone seems to have it. However, if we are using our neighbor’s Wi-Fi, we may suffer from poor signals due to the difference. Are you facing this issue? Are you looking for a way to solve this? Read on, and you will know how to pick up your neighbor’s Wi-Fi better: (more…)

Windows 10- How to Fix Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point (1)

Windows 10: How to Fix Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

PCs which are having Windows 10 can cause wireless adapter problems. Problems related to those adapters or access point, which haven’t configured the way it supposed to be configured. One of the major and highly common problems is the error message on the screen showing ‘problem with wireless adapter or access point.’ Here in my article, I am going to show you how you can fix such problems regarding wireless adapter! (more…)

What to do if system restoring your previous version of windows (1)

What to Do if System Restoring Your Previous Version of Windows

If anyone buys a new laptop/PC or any other computer system, it contains Windows 10 and if the system is old, then also the system continuously asks for the upgradation of the same. Most of the people were preferring Windows 7 for their computers in the past, but nowadays all the new computers come up with Windows 10. Many times when people upgrading their PCs, an error message prompts on the screen that, “Restoring your previous version of windows” and the screen goes blank. Even after attempting to recover installation, many people are not able to restore the previous version of Windows as their computers stuck on the starting of Windows 10. Here, we will explain the reasons and what to do if system restoring your previous version of Windows. (more…)