USB WiFi Adapter vs PCIe – Choose The Best Device for Better Performance

USB Vs PCIe Wireless Adapter1

USB WiFi Adapter vs PCIe – Choose The Best Device for Better Performance

Pretty much everything happens online today. It is a major part of who we are and what we do on a daily basis. Without the Internet, most of us feel crippled and rightly so! When the world is online, how can we progress without being a part of it?

Wi-Fi is an excellent way to connect to the world, but when you buy a computer, you will have some decisions to make. One of the biggest ones is choosing between USB and PCIe wireless adapters. The confusion arises because both of them function for the same reason. We do not know which one is a better choice! Don’t worry though. We are here to put your confusion at rest.
Let’s learn about both these adapters individually so that comparison is easy.

USB WiFi Adapter vs PCIe

USB Wi-Fi AdaptersUSB Wi-Fi Adapters

The USB adapter is the new kid on the block. Its launch wasn’t really pleasant because not many users warmed up to it but things smoothened out in due course and today, it is a formidable PCIe rival.
The fact these adapters are super easy to install gives them an edge over PCIe adapters. There’s nothing easier than just plugging in using the USB slot and enjoying super-fast Internet! Another advantage is that USB Wi-Fi adapters work well with laptops too. Even though laptops offer built-in Wi-Fi functionality, if there’s a fault or problem, you can just buy an adapter and go online. Not many laptops are compatible with PCIe adapters, but pretty much all of them have USB slots, making USB adapters the better choice.
Thus, if convenience if your priority and you don’t mind losing a USB slot, you can simply choose these adapters without thinking too much.

PCIe Wi-Fi AdaptersPCIe Wi-Fi Adapters

Old-school and trustworthy, PCIe adapters have ruled with an iron fist for a long time. They are antenna-dependent for a strong signal. Computers usually come with PCIe slots where you plug in the PCIe adapter. This dedicated slot frees up your USB slot for other purposes.
Also, if you are unhappy with the signal you are receiving you can just change the antenna within seconds. You cannot enjoy such flexibility with USB adapters. Also, overheating is a real problem with USB counterparts especially when you are transferring a lot of data. With PCIe adapters, you don’t have to worry at all even when the files are huge.
Thus, if you want your USB slot to be free and if you work heavily on your computer, downloading and streaming a lot of content, there’s no better choice than PCIe.

USB vs PCIe wireless adapter – who wins?

It is not really a battle, to be honest, because it is all about what is convenient for you. We recommend that you go through the available options and decide based on the features. Once you have made your choice, we also advise that you pick only the best products. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy seamless streaming or downloads.
Which side are you on? We would love to know. Do feel free to comment.

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