Windows 10: How to Fix Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

Windows 10- How to Fix Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point (1)

Windows 10: How to Fix Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

PCs which are having Windows 10 can cause wireless adapter problems. Problems related to those adapters or access point, which haven’t configured the way it supposed to be configured. One of the major and highly common problems is the error message on the screen showing ‘problem with wireless adapter or access point.’ Here in my article, I am going to show you how you can fix such problems regarding wireless adapter!

Do you have the problem with wireless adapter or access point? Here are few reasons and solutions for this issue. Check it out:

There might be a problem with the driver for the Wi-Fi adapter. Sometimes the profile of Wi-Fi configuration got corrupted, and that can be a reason for such issues. To manage this problem, you can ‘forget the network’ or ‘delete the wireless profile’;

Window key + X > Power User Menu > Command Prompt (Admin)Add-Admin-Command-Prompt-to-WinX-Power-User-Menu-In-Windows-81-Picture2_thumb

  • You will see something like this – C:\WINDOWS\system32>netsch wlan delete profile name=’WirelessProfileName”_


  • Then press Enter.
  • Now reconnect and then configure again

Sometimes the old and outdated drivers also can cause this kind of interruptions. If this is the thing, then you should have the updated drives. For that,

  • Visit and find out the latest version of your drivers and download them, or
  • Check out the CD you have got with your wireless adapter.

The connection between your access point and the wireless adapter is also depending on your password, as you may have protected your Wi-Fi network with some fair and lengthy password. So if you have entered the wrong password unintentionally, you may face such issues. To correct this, you should try to connect your network again. During this process, keep your keyboard characters in your mind.

One another reason might be the “Anti-virus Software.” Yes, I understand that antivirus software is for online as well as our PC’s safety, but sometimes that can create a problem with wireless adapter or access point. To solve this problem, you need to disable your antivirus software on a temporary basis.

To investigate router or your access point issues, you need to check the connection as sometimes, without our knowledge, it might be disabled. Even some third-party application installation can be the reason for such disabled wireless adapter.

If you want to re-confirm your connection between the access point, you can go like this;

  • Window Key + X > Device Manager > Locate your wireless adapter
  • Driver > Enable

You must investigate router or access points. If you mistakenly did the wrong configuration of your router, you can face such issues. So just press the ‘reset’ button once. Don’t forget to save your current configuration. And if you are not sure regarding your configuration settings, just use the router’s guide. If all is fine and solved and still you are getting the problem with wireless adapter or access point, then investigate router or access point issues as there might be a problem with the driver for the wifi adapter.


I hope this article will be helpful to you whenever you find issues regarding the wireless adapter or access point. Try to avoid such issues as it can stop your internet dealings. As per me, the problem might be with the drivers, routers, Wi-Fi adapters, antivirus software, or some access points. Have patience and check all the things one by one. You will surely find the solution on How to Fix Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point on Windows 10!  

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